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Entertainment & Media Advisory

Aerial Law Offices is legal advisory firm specialized in entertainment and media.  In addition to abundant experiences and expertise around entertainment and media space in Japan and global businesses based in the United States, years of experiences from business and legal leadership positions held within major movie studios allow unique ability to offer additional quality insights to legal advisory service that is truly business oriented and unparalleled in the industry.

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Specialized and Customized Professional Service

Entertainment and media field in our case include areas including movies, television, streaming, games, application, themed parks, live events, art, and those in any other forms of media or form.  We provide advisory service that is tailored specific to client's needs based on cutting-edge knowledge and global standard logic that can be effectively utilized in these diversified and ever-changing markets.  The following represent some leading categories of our services:

Legal Service

Business Meeting

While we do offer straight forward compliance guidance, we do not stop there. We offer constructive and actionable legal advice in line with on-going business practices in the market.  With network of specialists, our priority is to offer these advices on a timely and speedy fashion when time is of essence in this fast moving market.

  • Deal term drafting

  • Contract drafting and review

  • ​Research on business scheme

  • Government relations

Business Affairs

Business Meeting

As deal making professional, our support to client's deal initiatives ranges from  business scheme and deal structure design, deal negotiation, and to closing. We can offer coaching on negotiation strategies and tactics, and, at request, take part in the negotiation as business and legal negotiation lead.

  • Scheme design

  • Deal structure

  • Negotiation strategy

  • Negotiation lead

Organization and Process Planning


We offer guidance and advice in forming legal department and organization that suit global and fast-pacing marketplace as well as needs from business clients. Such services include organization planning, coaching legal members, and devising optimized internal business and legal processes.

  • Legal department formation

  • Coaching on contract reviews

  • Client process coordination with sales and marketing teams

  • Building legal practice for oversea businesses

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